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Sulzer P7100 Projectile Weaving Loom

Machine Details

Model: P7100 S 330 N2 EP D1 R
Quantity: 2 machines
Year 1991, 2 Color Weft Insertion,
with Cam Motion, 12 harness drives
Reinforced Execution

Machine Specifications

Automatic/Electronic Let-Off by SULZER for full-width warp beam
800mm flange dia., including 1 pce full warp beams per machine
Back rest (floating) type
Electronic warp stop motion, for 6 banks of drop wires, type asymmetric
Electronic weft stop motion
2 IWF IRO-9107 weft accumulators with Profi Wagon
Drive of heddle frames controlled by EP10 Cam Motion
Pick finding device with the automatic reversing of the take-up motion
1 electric type pick counter for 4 shifts
12 heddle-frames, type Grobamextra with 330ED separators (Cam)
1 Motor, type 5kW, 200V/50Hz without neutral, with earth
1 Motor pinion adjustable max. 345 picks per min, Max. Insertion rate 1,025 m/min.
1 set of change wheels, 10pcs
2.0pcs of cloth rollers
1 weft brake, double brake
1 Warp stop motion, Loepfe electronic
1 set of shuttles (projectiles), clamping force 2200gr
1 weft package support 2 color-wagon for Profi (IRO fixable)
1 pair of temples, short type
8000 droppers and heddles, per machine
1 set of cone holders for 4 cones, 54mm bore of the cone
1 tuck-in selvedge device on left and right side
1 lot of guide teeth, type half-half
1 pressure roller 133mm Dia. with drive
1 take-up (floating roller)
1 Swiss Sulzer Multi-card Control Box

Available: September 2019

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