Used Textile Machinery

Picanol TerryMax-i Weaving Machine

Machine Details

Manufacturer: PICANOL N.V.
Year: 2016
Type: TerryMax-i-2-R 230
Dobby: Stäubli / Type S-3020 e3* DRC*/C4-CAN
Soft/Adapt/# 2123/1, 24 VDC, A/4-8A-Peak
Flagpoles: Derix Aluminium profile
Further qualities: – 20 Levers
– 16 Heald frames
– 5000 Droppers
– High Speed
– Looper
– Integrated Microprocessor-Control
– Interactive display window
– PC-Communication: Ethernet Bi-com activated

Maximum Speed: 530 U/min (Pile height = max. 7 mm / Machine Rotation Speed (depending on quality of yarn and preparation)

Condition: used, excellent condition (545 operating hours)

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