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Complete Plant For Spunlace Non-Woven Fabrics

Machine Details

Year: 2016
Manufacturer: Simens, Germany
Electronics: Simens, Germany
Mechnical parts: Feilong, China

Production capacity: 1,200 ton/ year

Installation area: 60 m x 40 m
Length of plant line: 54 meter
Working width: 3,600 mm

Material used: Woodpulp and polyester
Non-Woven Technics: Spunlace
Production width ; 100 ~ 3600 mm
Feature: Anti-Pull, Anti- Static, Eco-Friendly, Shrink-Resistant,

Usage of Spun Lace Non-Woven Fabrics
– the plant line adapted spunlaced process with high-pressure jet and makes the fibre reinforce and tangle with each other.
Spunlaced non-wovens have a good handle, softness, breathability and water absorbency, suitable for:

– Medical sanitary material~ medical gauze, bandage, ointment cloth, cover cloth, operation dress, respirator and so on.
– artificial leather ~ leather basic cloth of PU, PVC coat, leather for case and bag, leather for dress, basic cloth for sofa, lining for dress
– Garment lining
– Cleaning wipe
– home decoration, etc.

A complete Spunlace Non-Woven fabric production plant

Pricing information on request.

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