Used Textile Machinery

Babcock Complete Single Layer Stenter Line

Machine Details

– Entry fabric from big roller
– Linear cutting and sewing machine, manufacturer Merrow
– Double brushing machine manufacturer Monti, installed on the overlying structure
– J-Box with no-stop effect
– Fabric guiding device, manufacturer Erhardt+Leimer model KF 2020
– Padder with 2 rollers manufacturer Babcock, type 5805, year of construction 1991
– Weft straightener manufacturer Mahlo, with optical heads, year of construction 2003, useful working width 3.600 mm. reinforced model.
– Single layer stenter machine
– Manufacturer: Babcock
– Model: 5000–6800
– Completely reconditioned in year: 2015
– Original year of construction: 1991
– Useful working width: 3.200 mm. on the pins, 3.300 mm. on the clips
– Horizontal chain with pins and clips
– Length of the entry arms: 4.800 mm.
– Gluing selvedges device
– Oven composed of N° 7 chambers
– Oven is gas heated
– Cooling device at the exit of the oven
– N° 2 selvedges cutting devices with selvedges suctioning device
– Mahlo reading bridge with optical heads to correct eventual distortion of the fabric weft, that could be generated inside the oven
– Delivery fabric in big batch device
– Exhaust fan for the ejection of exhausted fumes
– The stenter machine will be supply complete with the gas system on board the machine
– This machine has always been very well maintained
– The machine is perfectly running and can be turned on during the inspection.
– The line is suitable for woven fabrics but, the stenter machine, can also be used for knitted fabrics.

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