Complete Rieter Blowroom for sale
Year: 2012

  1. Rieter Blowing Carding 1:12 a set of two machines
  2. Bale plucker machine : A11-2300 1 set
  3. Single-axis opener: B12 2 sets
  4. Multi-mixer machine: B72 2 sets
  5. Opener machine: B17 2 sets
  6. Storage of cotton machine A79 2 sets
  7. Imported fiber machine (gifted analysis) 2 sets
  8. Plucker setting machine A21 2 sets
  9. Carding machine C601 12 sets
  10. Rieter drawing machine D11 7 sets
  11. Terminal machine D45 7 sets
  12. Rieter pure airflow spinning R60-500 spindle 6 set


Uster 2 electric cleaning, T33 rotor dia pure cotton machine, refrigeration equipment two sets, dust removal three set machine, include laboratory apparatus machine, include wire and cable distrbution cabinet, sliver can include 10000 pcs. can make different yarn counts, it is Spindle by Spindle.

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